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Work Spectrum Enterprise – Perpetual Demand Generation
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Spectrum Enterprise – Perpetual Demand Generation Strategy Built on a nearly 15-year relationship, PHG is the primary partner that Spectrum Enterprise relies on for demand- and lead-generation initiatives across all of their enterprise business segments.
client Spectrum
expertise B2B & Tech

Challenge When the national telecom provider asked for an always-on, demand-gen program to elevate and differentiate their positioning, PHG developed a strategy for re-mapping their marketing funnel, created messaging to bridge existing brand and lead-gen efforts, and executed on unique, high-impact digital media approaches.

Spectrum Enterprise needed a better way to tell their capabilities story to business organizations nationally. They wanted to be seen as much more than just part of the known cable company, and were looking to further their credibility as a true technology partner that provides complex networking solutions to some of the largest companies in the country. We needed a way to solve for a common piece of feedback they would receive – “I didn’t know you did that.”

The goal was to deploy a program that accomplished truly “always on.” Something their marketing operations team didn’t need to revisit too often and could be automated. We needed to achieve a constant presence in-market with the ability to collect leads and enroll contacts as a feeder for other existing lower-funnel marketing activities.

Solution By implementing a perpetual demand-generation engine that enables marketing and sales to deliver more predictable, repeatable and measurable demand as efficiently as possible, it would allow Spectrum Enterprise to achieve faster sales growth.

PHG first conducted a full-day workshop with Spectrum Enterprise marketing and media stakeholders. Through those learnings, as well as client knowledge and historical data, we then created detailed user journeys that would allow a prospect to engage with ads and content from across five key solution areas. The audience could express interest and drill deeper within that area or they could easily find their way to information that is more relevant to them. The program stays in front of the prospect for an extended period of time with fresh messages and content throughout their journey.

PHG concepted an overarching campaign theme of “It’s part of what we do best.” With that, regardless of whether we were telling a story about security, remote operations, customer experiences, business continuity or growth, we were able to elevate Spectrum Enterprise’s capabilities to illustrate the range of their expertise beyond simply talking about products.

One of the most unique and successful elements of the program was the creation and deployment of a High-Impact, Page-Grabber Digital Ad unit. This atypical “display ad” consisted of a 15-second animation that transitioned to a large-format, interactive ad unit containing a video and multiple clickable elements. Each interactive component introduced a different key solution area to the viewer with its own content and call to action. This offered the prospect a starting point in their journey.

Undertone Ad Creative

Ad Creative

Ad Creative


The “Page Grabber” ad units were effective at educating audiences of Spectrum Enterprise solutions via a one-stop shop. They highlight Spectrum Enterprise solutions in an engaging and informative environment for the audience to learn all at once.

Brand-Lift, Creative Effectiveness & Ad Performance:

The creative increased unaided awareness for Spectrum Enterprise when thinking about internet network providers.

3 in 4 B2B
Decision Makers are familiar with Spectrum Enterprise.

3 in 5 consumers are likely to consider Spectrum Enterprise.

Emotions towards the brand were activated and lifted following exposure.

The creative increased the impression of Spectrum Enterprises as being “prepared to meet any challenge” and providing “the best value for money.”

B2B Decision Makers appreciated the solutions available and can envision themselves grow pl-3ing their business with the help of Spectrum Enterprise.

Unaided brand recall was impressive, earning
a score 6X the B2B industry norm.

Users clicked through to specific solution area landing pages over 11.3k times, signaling their interest to learn about Spectrum Enterprise offerings.

Emotions were activated by the informative and surprising offerings presented in the creative.

107 seconds average time spent on ad – 167% higher than the unit benchmark.

Users were able to identify the Spectrum Enterprise brand at 2x industry benchmark with 91% brand recall.

52% total lift in brand recognition
after seeing the ad.


“Wanted to share with you some high-level results of the Undertone ads we did for Capabilities Layer PDG. We met with (the media agency) and they were glowing about the performance of the ad unit. They commented that even Undertone hadn’t seen this good of performance! Thank you for all you do to support us! Great job.”

– Spectrum Enterprise Marketing Leader