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Work Bush’s Beans – Visitor Center – Experiential Storytelling
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Bush’s Brothers & Company PHG and Bush’s Brothers & Company have enjoyed a partnership spanning nearly 20 years. When setting out to update their Visitor Center in Dandridge, Tenn., Bush’s turned to PHG to help tell their 110+ year old story in new and exciting ways.
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Challenge Located within the original Bush’s general store and just steps from their original family home, the Bush’s Visitor Center has no shortage of rich history. In updating the space, Bush’s, PHG and our experience design agency partner were tasked with the challenge of providing a modern, interactive experience and incorporating brand updates while ensuring that the history, sense of community and family values that have guided this iconic brand since 1902 continued to shine through.

Solution Working closely with members of the Bush’s Visitor Center team and Bush family, PHG helped capture and articulate key storylines from throughout the family and company history. We used these storylines to update the entire visitor flow, illustrating where the company began and how it is guided by the same values today.

Together with our experience design partners, PHG helped bring the Bush’s story to life throughout the space, with experiential exhibits that place visitors within Bush’s history, from the original family home to the mid-century kitchen where the inspiration for Baked Beans was born. We also developed a number of fun, interactive exhibits including a digital shelf set that allows visitors to explore all types of Bush’s beans, a scale that shows your weight in beans, a crank machine that highlights Bush’s water reclamation efforts – even an 8-foot bronze bean and surrounding exhibits that showcase the beauty of the bean.

Ultimately, PHG was responsible for creating all content within the space, from words on physical displays to the scripting and production of a series of videos highlighting Bush’s history, a tour of how Bush’s Beans are made, where Bush’s beans are grown and more.




Reopened in Summer 2022, the Bush’s Visitor Center has generated a great deal of buzz within the region and was featured in Food & Wine magazine.




Today it is a must-stop destination at the foot of the Smokey Mountains, and serves as a point of pride for the Bush’s family, organization and surrounding community.








More than 150,000+ annual visitors.