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Sense Product Launch Campaign Brand building and driving leads for a unique offering in the diagnostic testing space.
client Sense
expertise Med Device & B2B

Challenge Sense Biodetection (Sense) is developing new molecular diagnostic testing products that are nothing short of revolutionary. As they prepare to launch their flagship handheld testing device, they needed to build their brand, generate awareness and drive leads among their audience of decision makers and recommenders within hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and urgent care centers.

Solution PHG designed and developed a new website for Sense, including creation of a brand anthem video. Building on that platform PHG created a landing page and downloadable lead magnet providing relevant information for Sense’s target audience. We then developed a media strategy and executed a digital advertising campaign on LinkedIn, including InMail targeting and sponsored content, and Google search ads, all driving traffic to the landing page.



Downloadable Lead Magnet


Campaign Creative

sense creative



The campaign promoting the free download performed well, driving brand awareness, social engagement, website traffic and conversions while significantly outperforming industry benchmarks for LinkedIn Click-Through Rate and Paid Search Cost Per Click.