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Work Tobacco Free NYS
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Tobacco Free NYS “Something’s wrong with this picture" Campaign. This integrated campaign was developed to help warn adults about the impact that point-of-sale tobacco promotions can have on children. Elements included ads and videos with absurd, attention-grabbing imagery and a real children's book that was written, illustrated and animated in house.
client Tobacco Free NYS
expertise Cause Marketing

Challenge Taking on a multi-billion-dollar industry like Big Tobacco is never an easy task. Plus, with no shortage of anti-tobacco messages in the market for years, we needed to ensure that our message would get noticed and clearly convey the ways that tobacco companies target our kids and communities – and do it in a way that would make people want to take action. We also had to ensure that our campaign and executions were not only working on a broad level, but meeting the individual needs of our clients – a network of ATFC statewide contractors.

Solution In looking at the facts, statistics and tactics used by tobacco companies, we began to think to ourselves “Is there anything they wouldn’t do to attract and addict kids.” That question drove us to develop a highly impactful and unique campaign, which paired unexpected imagery with shocking data on tobacco marketing. We implemented the idea through a wide array of strategies including developing social media platforms and plans for engagement with our audiences, social media ads, targeted display and video creative, programmatic display and audio ads, as well as sponsored BuzzFeed ads. We were also able to reach a highly targeted audience through the use of social influencers and meet specific workgroup needs through events and localized executions.

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Tobacco Free NYS - Print Ads
Tobacco Free NYS - Print Ads


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We were able to develop impactful creative that highlighted shocking data about how tobacco marketing affects the youth. Through these placements and strategies, we are at the forefront of social change, sparking a conversation that our children have seen enough tobacco advertising.