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Work Healthy Buildings Book Digital Campaign
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Healthy Buildings Book Digital Campaign Launched a targeted promotional campaign to help Dr. Joseph Allen get the word out about his new Healthy Buildings book and further position him as a thought leader in the healthy buildings movement.
client Harvard University Chan School of Public Health
expertise Cause Marketing

Challenge With people spending almost 90% of their time indoors, Healthy Buildings are crucial to infectious disease control, optimum cognitive function and an overall healthy lifestyle. However, the Healthy Buildings movement is still in its infancy, and we are currently in the initial phases of academic research, and much of the world is largely unaware of the health, societal and financial impact of healthy buildings. So when Dr. Joseph Allen, a leading expert and researcher in the healthy buildings movement, co-authored a book on the topic, our challenge was to help him promote it and further establish him as a thought leader and expert – especially as other academics and researchers start moving into the same space.

Solution PHG developed a paid media campaign around the Healthy Buildings book. We established the digital platforms most relevant to our target audiences, where we wanted promotions to run – including Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal and Amazon. The promotions were in the form of banner ads, which we also created. These banner ads include quotes from the book and endorsers in an effort to capture our target audiences’ interests.


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Since launching this campaign – on Amazon, we have over 93,165 impressions, on Wall Street Journal we have over 143,982 impressions and on Harvard Business Review we have over 220,714 impressions.

Amazon impressions
Wall Street Journal impressions
Harvard Business Review impressions