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Work NBT Bank Vermont Testimonial
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NBT Vermont Testimonial PHG and NBT Bank have shared a long-standing and successful partnership for nearly a decade. When the bank set out to address a new business challenge in key markets, PHG helped with a strategic and creative campaign that brought to life real, tangible examples of how NBT helps businesses focus on what matters.
client NBT
expertise Financial & Insurance

Challenge NBT Bank was faced with the challenge of attracting new business banking customers in key markets amidst the ongoing buzz around a competitor’s growth due to a major acquisition.

Solution In an effort to attract new business customers to NBT Bank, PHG aligned with the client on the key markets in which the acquisition was taking place. The strategy was to review the customer list of the branches in each of those key markets and highlight key success stories of those customers.

After deciding to focus first on Burlington, VT we found the powerful story of The Abbey Group, a food service management company, after they relied heavily on NBT Banks PPP Loans during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic and the years following.

We leveraged The Abbey Group’s powerful story in ad messaging and creative, in order to convey that NBT was there to assist The Abbey Group in their mission to better their community. The media campaign was comprised of Cable TV, programmatic email and digital display.





The campaign generated over 2.1 million total impressions and drove 589 goal completions on the landing page in the Burlington, VT market alone, with: