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Work Kidde innovates at The 2023 Home Depot Manager’s Show
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Kidde innovates at The 2023 Home Depot Manager’s Show When Kidde, the #1 most installed residential fire safety brand in North America, was looking for a way to illustrate their new smart products and app at The Home Depot Manager’s Show, they turned to PHG for a way to highlight their latest comprehensive suite of smart home safety devices.
client Kidde
expertise B2B & Tech

Challenge Standing out among dozens of brands at a retailer trade show can be challenging. With innovative products that leverage the latest technology to bring a smarter approach to home safety, Kidde wanted to create an opportunity for attendees to step into an immersive experience when they arrived at their booth.

Solution Kidde and PHG developed a hands-on, augmented reality experience to tell the story of how Kidde’s new smart features offer whole-home alarm activation – when one alarm sounds, they all sound, and an alert is sent to your phone using augmented reality and 3D printing.

3D Printed Home with Image Markers


A physical model of a residential home was printed using 3D technology that had image markers placed into the home to initiate a home emergency event when scanned with the tablet.



Once the event was initiated, users could move around inside a 360-degree panoramic experience to see a fire in the kitchen, a water leak in the bathroom or an indoor air quality issue in the bedroom.

The experience takes you through the process of how you are notified in the event of an emergency through the app on your smartphone and what options are available to help you to respond to that specific incident.


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