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Work Louisiana Hot Sauce – Jalen Hurts – Partnership
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#1 on the field meets #1 in flavor Louisiana Hot Sauce, part of the Summit Hill Foods portfolio of brands, has been a PHG client since 2017. Over the years, we have managed their digital & social media advertising, shopper marketing, and supported partnerships across NASCAR, The PGA Tour, and MLB.
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In August 2022, quarterback Jalen Hurts was featured on as part of it’s “10 Essentials” series, where celebrities reveal their secret obsessions and share the top 10 day-to-day essentials they can’t live without. Following a FaceTime call with his grandma (his #1 essential), Louisiana Hot Sauce came in at #2 for Jalen.

Jalen organically shared: “Being where I’m from, I mean, we put this on everything … just put a little Louisiana on there.”

After seeing the GQ feature, our team immediately got to work on reaching out to his team, sharing our excitement for his love of Louisiana Hot Sauce.

While Pennsylvania has not been a key geographical focus area for the brand, PHG and the brand saw the opportunity to engage with one of the “hottest” quarterbacks in the league, who brings sincere and authentic love for the brand.

In less than five months, we created a partnership that would feature Jalen’s love for Louisiana Hot Sauce, and support the community of Louisiana, – and together we launched the Jalen Hurts Signature Edition Louisiana Hot Sauce. PHG’s development of this program included:

  • Established partnership with Jalen via his representation at multiple sports management firms and negotiated all contract terms
  • Bottle design direction, mock-ups and copywriting
  • Website design, development, analytics and Shopify integration/linking
  • Social media strategy, creative development and platform management
  • Coordination of promotion for orders within 48 hours to be entered to win an autographed Jalen Hurts jersey
  • Ongoing sales reporting, fulfillment coordination and sales support

To support Jalen’s passion for philanthropy, a portion of the proceeds from each bottle of Louisiana Hot Sauce will be donated to the OneMindSet Foundation.

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The partnership also included bottle design direction, mock-ups and copywriting; all done in less than 5 months.


Website & Social Posts

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In the first few weeks of 2023 (by 1/18/23), the total online sales of Louisiana Hot Sauce surpassed all online sales from 2022.

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Fan Support

Podcast host and Jalen Hurts #1 fan, Giovanni from The Giovanni Show Podcast, was so excited to hear about the Jalen Hurts Signature Edition Louisiana Hot Sauce that he tweeted a video about looking forward to seeing what “swag he brought to his hot sauce”.
Our team immediately followed up with a care package of different Louisiana Hot Sauce flavors and merch, including his new favorite bucket hat. As Gio would say, Go Birds!

Using the Jalen Hurts Signature Edition Louisiana Hot Sauce, his favorite restaurant FoodChasers created their newest flavor: Jalen Hurts Get Freaky Sauce!

As friends of Jalen Hurts, FoodChasers’ Kitchen from Elkins Park, Pennsylvania were one of the first fans to reach out to secure their Jalen Hurts Signature Edition Louisiana Hot Sauce. They shared that Jalen Hurts has been a blessing and huge supporter of theirs, and it was a MUST that they return the support.