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Work GE Digital Website UX and Content Strategy
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GE Digital Website User Experience and Content Strategy PHG collaborated with several internal teams and strategic agency partners at General Electric (GE) to provide a data- informed strategic refresh to the GE Software Division website.
client GE Vernova
expertise GE Digital Website UX and Content Strategy

Challenge In 2021, GE announced plans to form three public companies focused on the growth sectors of Aviation, Healthcare and Energy. During this transformation, the GE Digital website needed to evolve to reflect new key messaging, elevate software and digital over their traditional manufacturing focus, and support a new product launch. PHG was tasked with developing a user experience and content strategy to help GE Digital’s site meet the changing landscape without the need for major structural/code changes.

Solution PHG started an in-depth discovery process to collect the data and insights needed to provide valuable recommendations. The team met with key stakeholders and marketing teams across multiple divisions, and connected with GE’s third-party SEO firm to share insights and research with one other.

After receiving the business’s perspective, PHG began looking at external data and research. Following a full analytic audit, PHG identified content consumption, site usage and problem areas and leveraged online tools to gather user reactions. Finally, we conducted a peer review to see how GE’s competitors and other software companies organize content to better understand opportunities for differentiation.

From these insights and data, PHG identified key areas where we could make the most impact and worked with the GE web team to build strategies and prioritize tasks. Areas of focus included navigation user experience and content strategy for a number of key pages. All recommended optimizations and changes remained within the preexisting web component site structure where possible, with updated components introduced when needed.

Navigational Improvements

GE Navigational improvements

GE Digital Homepage

GE Digital Homepage

Grid Homepage & GridOS New Product

GE Digital Grid Mockups


PHG helped GE Digital enhance their web presence to be more reflective of a digital solutions leader.

This was a critical effort as GE spins off into three companies and looks to shed the perception as an equipment manufacturer. Our efforts helped align the positioning of GE digital with the new GE Vernova branding by focusing on big-picture themes like the importance of software in efforts of decarbonization and electrification.

This work is building the foundation for a more holistic brand integration and refresh of the site.

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