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The Carrier Center for Intelligent Buildings PHG has been a trusted agency partner for Carrier Global and its portfolio of HVAC, fire & security and refrigeration brands for well over a decade. When the company set out to create a headquarters and customer experience that brought the Carrier story and product portfolio to life in a way that visitors can see, touch and feel, PHG played a critical role.
client Carrier
expertise B2B & Tech

Challenge The Carrier Center for Intelligent Buildings is a 224,000 square-foot facility located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The building is home to more than 500 Carrier employees, but in developing the space, Carrier set out to create more than a global headquarters. They wanted to create a living example of what a healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent space can be when Carrier technologies are installed and integrated.

Carrier also sought to “reveal the unseen,” taking solutions and technologies that often work behind the scenes – in closets, basements or on rooftops – and placing them front and center for visitors to experience. Perhaps most challenging, Carrier needed to take complex technologies and topics and share them with visitors in ways that could be understood by audiences ranging from the most sophisticated customers to classes of local schoolchildren.

Solution Beginning months before the project even broke ground, PHG worked with Carrier to identify and develop key storylines and content. Ultimately, PHG was responsible for every word of written content throughout the building, which included over 5,000 pages of digital content, augmented reality exhibits, a fully functioning smart, healthy home and more. We were able to leverage years of experience working at the Carrier corporate level and across its various brands to translate techs and specs into engaging stories.

We also partnered with the lead experiential agency to lend strategic support, along with design of both physical and digital displays, and created collateral in support of the space – from team member tour and training guides to credentials to sales decks.






After a successful partnership during the initial project, PHG was once again called upon to help reimagine the customer experience and its content in late 2019 and early 2020 when Carrier split from United Technologies to become an independent company.

From personalized customer briefings to industry conferences and even welcoming members of the community, the building is a tool for building relationships, driving business and strengthening our position as an industry thought leader.





We continue to ensure the experience stays fresh and up to date by providing new content and designs several times a year.





Since opening in 2018, the Carrier Center for Intelligent Buildings serves as a destination for thousands of visitors each year.