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Work Carrier Center for Intelligent Buildings
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Carrier Center for Intelligent Buildings Partnered with a Fortune 100 company to help bring their headquarters and state-of-the-art customer experience center to life through storytelling, user experience recommendations, design support and execution of all written content.
client Carrier
expertise B2B & Tech

Challenge A global provider of building technologies, Carrier set out to create a headquarters and customer experience in Palm Beach Gardens Florida, that would serve as a living example for all that their products and technologies can do and how they impact the world. The challenge? With more than 80 world-leading brands, there was no shortage of products, services and storylines to highlight and stakeholders to engage. In addition, content and information had to be presented in ways that would be relevant from audiences ranging from global CEOs to local schoolchildren.

Solution As longtime partner of Carrier and many of its brands, PHG leveraged our knowledge and experience to capture, convey and visualize stories ranging from Carrier installations around the globe to the complex integrations and applications that make the CIB one of the most intelligent buildings in the world. Along the way, we set a voice and tone that resonated with all audiences and drove consistency across all materials. We even created style guides, tour talking points, trainings and sales presentations to guide internal teams and content development moving forward.


The customer experience became a showpiece and sales tool for the organization, welcoming thousands of visitors a year – from high-profile clients to local students and community groups. The original project was so successful that PHG was again tapped to totally refresh the experience center in late 2019 to account for changes to the organization and a company rebrand.