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Work Project Darwin
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Project Darwin Developed a compelling thought leadership narrative, aided by visuals, around the evolution of the can aisle, helping to drive conversations forward.
client Bush’s
expertise CPG & Shopper Marketing

Challenge In certain parts of the U.S., prepared beans and beans and brine beans are shelved separately on opposite sides of the aisle. In addition, canned vegetables have nearly twice the shelf space as compared to canned beans despite experiencing a declining category. As the canned bean category leader, BUSH’S® set out to evolve this center store aisle to support future innovation and growth for the category.

Solution To help tell the shelf evolution story, PHG developed sales materials including a dynamic PowerPoint presentation and tri-fold for the BUSH’S team to review with their retail partners. They outlined the facts and figures of why shelf expansion and brand blocking can have a significant impact on category sales and the shopper experience.

Shelf Design




When tested long term in stores, the combination of shelf expansion and brand blocking reported potential category growth between 5-9%. This has been adopted in various retailers across the country since BUSH’S started the initiative.

category growth