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Work Elevator Airflow COVID-19 Airflow Study
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Elevator Airflow COVID-19 Airflow Study Otis commissioned a study with Dr. Yan Chen, an expert in research into the spread of infectious disease through indoor air systems, to understand the relative risk of COVID-19 exposure among elevator passengers. Elevators are essential to moving people around the world on a daily basis. However, questions about the relative risk of COVID-19 infection in public spaces, including elevators, arose during the global pandemic.
client OTIS
expertise B2B & Tech

Challenge The challenge was to find a way to communicate the complex findings from a computational fluid dynamics research study, in an impactful way to a diverse set of target audiences (i.e., customers, passengers, media, etc.)

Solution PHG created everything from a technical paper to a video to create accessible content for all of the varied groups: Website, Whitepaper, Technical brief, Videos, Executive summary, Customer presentation, Social graphics. The study’s findings were featured on industry websites as well as national news outlets, both online and on air.

Social Graphics

Customer Presentation

Technical Brief

Executive Summary

White Paper