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Work Kidde Protect Every Moment Campaign
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Kidde Protect Every Moment Campaign Created a fully integrated, national campaign and conducted nationwide market research to help a world leader better define and reach target audiences and drive brand awareness.
client Kidde
expertise CPG & Shopper Marketing

Challenge While things like smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are life-saving pieces of technology that are critical to keeping homes safe, they’re not typically at the top of people’s minds. In our work with Kidde, the category leader and world’s largest manufacturer of smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, we needed to remind people that making sure there’s working fire safety equipment in their home is a quick, simple action that can protect the things that matter for years to come.

Solution We created a nationwide consumer campaign, including TV, radio and digital advertising reminding consumers to “Protect Every Moment” by taking the time to install working safety equipment today. We developed landing pages and retailer-specific shopper marketing programs, new technologies like augmented reality and collateral, direct mail and trade advertising to reach out to commercial audiences. We also conducted research and found that people are getting our brand name wrong more than they are getting it right – and that our awareness among women was significantly lower than our competitors. We were able to shift our media plan to include a partnership with Good Housekeeping and make other strategic recommendations to increase our awareness for this key audience.