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Work #DukeDelivers Shipt Program
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#DukeDelivers Shipt Program Collaborated on a custom e-commerce activation program to surprise and delight both shoppers and online grocer partners.
client Bush’s
expertise CPG & Shopper Marketing

Challenge The e-commerce space can be competitive and pose challenges when trying to differentiate your product or brand. To continue efforts against their e-commerce growth strategy, BUSH’S® set out to build an ownable program that could offer value both for shoppers as well as their e-commerce partners.

Solution Using the equity of their spokesdog Duke, BUSH’S partnered with Shipt to activate the #DukeDelivers program. To weave the concept throughout the activation, a lucky Shipt customer would receive a delivery from Duke and all shoppers could enjoy a discount on their BUSH’S order using a #DukeDelivers promotion code. This offering was supported through promoted social media and a local influencer to drive interest and demand, offering a 1:1 digital experience.

Social Media


increase in dollar sales
increase in unit sales
increase in orders