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Expertise B2B & Tech
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Expertise. We make it our job to become experts in the industries we serve so we can be more valuable to our clients. We help brand companies on every scale, plan and execute highly-targeted lead-generation campaigns, and help create and deploy sales strategies and engage shoppers at home, on the go and in stores. And we do it by combining creativity with strategy, instinct with insight and emotion with information. When it all works together, it just works.

B2B & Tech

At PHG, we’ve spent years helping B2B clients differentiate themselves, find unique voices and bring new creativity to some traditionally un-creative places – all while speaking the language of their customers and industries. In many cases, we’re also among the first people clients call when facing a tough business or sales challenge. That’s because, whether it’s an internal hurdle, a product launch, trade show, digital presentation, content development, website or pretty much any other type of project, we find smart, creative ways to make it work.

Our experience has helped to develop brand stories, sales materials, lead-generation campaigns and a range of other deliverables for some of the top B2B and technology companies in the world – and some that are working their way to the top.


ACV Auctions
Atlantic Broadband
C Speed
Collins Aerospace
Elior North America
JMA Wireless
B2B & Tech
Tessy Plastics


Rebranding: Ideas Born to Fly
Client: UTC Aerospace Systems
Expertise: B2B & Tech
UTC Aerospace Systems – Farnborough Airshow
Client: UTC Aerospace Systems
Expertise: B2B & Tech