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Work Terumo Interventional Systems
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Terumo Interventional Systems ‘Do More With Radial’ Buyers Journey Campaign PHG has been the design and marketing agency for Terumo Medical Corporation and its business units for 10+ years. In May 2021, Terumo Interventional Systems (TIS) and PHG embarked on a new project that was critical to the core Terumo business – executing a successful buyers journey lead generation campaign.
client Terumo Interventional Systems
expertise Buyers Journey / Lead Generation

Challenge In the interventional medicine space, the catheter-based treatment of structural heart disease has relied on access to the heart through the wrist (radial) for years due to its vast benefits. Despite similar proven benefits in approaching a peripheral procedure radially, interventional cardiologists (IC) continue to access targets through the groin. TIS sought to develop a buyers journey campaign that would increase awareness of the radial to peripheral approach benefits among ICs.

Solution As a pioneer in radial access, TIS was in the unique position to educate ICS. PHG and TIS developed TIS’ first ever buyers journey campaign with the goal to increase awareness of the benefits of the procedure among interventional cardiologists and generate sign ups for radial to peripheral trainings conducted by Terumo and faculty instructors.

TIS and PHG supported the initiative with a marketing strategy executed through first party research, messaging development, white paper creation, paid search, direct mail, paid social, email nurture campaigns, programmatic email, display, and landing page development.

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Email Campaigns & Results


This was a highly successful campaign that led to 119 interventional cardiologists signing up for a training and an additional 173 engaged interventional cardiologists, far exceeding the goal of 80 leads.

There was also high awareness with each interventional cardiologist seeing ads on average 9 times a month.