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Work Otis Virtual Event and Product Launch
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Otis Virtual Event and Product Launch After 20 years of industry leadership with its Gen2 elevator, Otis was launching a new, state-of-the-art elevator platform; Gen3. The launch was tied to a worldwide virtual event filled with industry experts and Otis leaders. Rather than only talk about the new product launch, Otis created an event that spoke to the future of our connected world and what it means for moving people in our communities of the future.
client OTIS
expertise B2B & Tech

Challenge PHG was enlisted to promote the event and to create the content for the Gen3 elevator product launch. PHG worked with Otis to develop the strategy and the content that bolstered sign-ups prior to the event and also drove traffic to the event content post-event to maximize the investment made by Otis.

Solution PHG created worldwide regional content to promote the event and the Gen3: Overarching messaging, visualization and strategy for the event and product launch, Email invitations and reminders, Social posts, Advertorial, Email signatures, Event teaser videos, Landing page, Brochure, Product launch video, Factsheet and sales playbook. The event has been accessed by more than 7900 individuals.




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