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Work Harvard COVID-19 Path Forward Website
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Harvard COVID-19 Path Forward Website Created a visual platform to help a team of public health professionals from Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health share a science-based plan for how the world can move forward from COVID-19.
client Harvard University Chan School of Public Health
expertise Cause Marketing

Challenge For the first time in our lifetimes, we are experiencing a large-scale global pandemic. Even our key decision-makers and leaders are having trouble knowing what’s going to happen next. Through research and science, Harvard experts answered the challenge of paving a path forward in the midst of instability and uncertainty. At PHG, our challenge was helping them share it in a way the world could understand and put to use – and to do it as quickly as possible.

Solution PHG worked with the Harvard team to transform the research and data into a fully functional website with a seamless and intuitive user experience. We went with a strategic visual approach to display information in an engaging, digestible and fluid design and platform that translated academic-rooted content into an intuitive, user-friendly guide. The entire strategy, design and the development of the site happened over a three-week period.



Since the launch of the website in May, it has seen a total of 19,355 users. Direct traffic makes up for 55.9% of all traffic and social media is attributed to 37.7% of traffic. The website has been promoted across numerous channels and news outlets including Harvard Business Review, MSNBC and Morning Joe.

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