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Work Chili Guarantee Program
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Chili Guarantee Program Launched a guarantee program to differentiate the Chili Beans product line and reduce shopper risk, leading to trial purchases.
client Bush’s
expertise CPG & Shopper Marketing

Challenge To acquire shoppers within the competitive chili-making occasion, BUSH’S® Chili Beans needed a program to educate shoppers on what BUSH’S® Chili Beans are, illustrate their value and differentiate them from competitors in the retail and media space.

Solution Based on research insights, we learned that chili fans love their recipes so much, they are hesitant to change any of the ingredients. To convince shoppers to change to BUSH’S Chili Beans, we would need to give them a strong value proposition and reasons to believe. The answer was a guarantee program stating: Make your best chili even better. We bet our beans on it. Promotion of the offer was deployed in key high competition markets across in-store signage and IRCs and geo-targeted digital media.

Digital Media





Generated lifts for BUSH’S Chili Beans during both promotion phases and had a cannibalizing effect on a key competitor’s sales.

+0.8% Lift
Promotional Phase One
1.2% Lift
Promotional Phase Two